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The second star sign in the Zodiac, the Taurus is based around the symbol of the Bull. Governed by Venus, the planet which deals with social relationships, imagination and inventiveness, the Taurus natives have a strong relation with their sense of touch more so than with any other sense. Taureans are highly motivated when it comes to achieving their goal. With both feet on the ground and a realistic attitude, nothing can stop them from making a dream come true.

Even more so when that dream is connected to some personal desire or wish.

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Being thoughtful about future prospects and actually putting forth all your efforts in getting as much money as possible are two entirely different things. This attitude can very well bring about a lot of dissatisfactions and make you miss on some simple, yet beautiful things in life. Sure, money does make you rich and wealthy, but when was that ever the purpose of all this?

With Venus acting on both fronts , these Taurus natives are individuals of high artistic power and little social decisiveness.

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Shyness acts as a strong deterrent for their potential. They may, however, be talented in painting, music, and even architecture.

Taurus Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

And this comes as a result of the strong disposition for beauty and artistic endeavors; in short they are very conscious of what catches their attention. Because dynamism defines their way of life, Taurians are very diverse when it comes to their passions and interests. Day-to-day activities are the sort of routine that they maintain, and so, one of the ways in which one can get close to a Taurus native is by showing interest in what they do. This is a bonding experience that is not to be underestimated.

And it comes as no surprise that Taurus-born individuals prefer the more sensible and have an indirect approach when it comes to sentimental issues. The hands-on alternative inhibits and limits their ability to cope with it. Nothing is to be left to chance, and everything should be under strict supervision.

Artistic enthusiasm and analytic scrutiny are the two opposite mindsets that Venus and Mercury bestow upon a Taurus native. The internal duality seems to put them at odds sometimes with the proper way in which to solve a problem.

The individual born under this zodiac sign, known for being the realist, sensual, ambitious and practical. The eye of this kind of individual is filled with the beauty. They have the tendency to be good with the finances and due to which they can make their future as the financial manager.

Like, everyone, this signs people also has the negative and positive traits. They usually respect their tradition, prefer to practices, planning, structure to disarray and at an end they become surprises. They are reliable and prefer to depend on itself as well as are loyal towards their employee longer than some signs exist. Some part of them is to defense mechanism against hurt. Here, we are discussing some of the personality traits of the peoples who belong to Taurus zodiac sign:. Down to earth: The sensible and credible soul downs to the earth are one of the best Taurus qualities.

They are more civilized and of good personalities due to which the success moves towards them. Independent: They like to be independent either emotionally or financially. They are strong therefore they do not take support when life begins to throw the lemon on them. Patience: Patience is the molarity and the Taurus born individual possess it from galore. They believe in doing the job in the right way such that no one ever has done the job till the time. Persistent: They are earthy so they like the world. Once they see any beautiful thing, they motivate themselves and they become stubborn and makes efforts to get it successfully.

Setbacks and failures hurt their spirit. Dependable: You can often see on the Taurus that they will not leave you as a hopeless. This goodwill makes them as a good friend, employee and ahead of their reputation as well as their prestige.

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  • Self-kind: They always think that they are the very indulgent and form as the goal-oriented such that they revolve the nation around them. Due to these indulgent, it makes them impolite and makes them as an unfamiliar with the emotions of the other. Stubborn: Although they are very persistent but they forget about wrong and right. Their perspective view totally changed in a short time. They do not listen to the emotions of others. Possessive: Possessiveness often makes them rude, disgust and jealous are one of the dismay traits in the people born under Taurus sign.

    Even they may be coast in the actual relationship. Materialistic: In their wipe to defense their future, reputation and image in the society, they have the tendency of materialistic. The personality of the woman who belongs to this zodiac sign is independent as well as emotionally strong.

    They are sexy, funny and are perfect women who are looking for those balance and the real partner. However, she enjoys the unmatched level of susceptibility and temper. She dislikes the risk and tries to avoid from this as well as she has the tendency to tolerate others.

    Taurus By Decan June 2019 General Reading

    She has the middle level of common sense. She makes friends whose personality matches close to their own.

    Taurus, do you know your zodiac sign ?

    She motivates others but does not like any kinds of quotes or lecture from others. She is very romantic and loyal as well. She always shares the conversation between her and her lover and will go to stay happy till the life time. The Taurus women personality shows that she does not go around looking for the sympathy because she well-versed knows that she is strong and can take care of it. She helps the family if they are in any misery. This kind of people are slow, practical, down to earth and methodical. They are more secure than they think.

    Once he sees something that they like it soo much, there is no one in the galaxy that can stop him from having it. Since Taurus is the fixed sign and they do not in the favor of changes, they like the constant.

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    A minute change in the life of Taurus can be anxious due to the regular rituals. Being firm, goal achiever or alertness towards the goal is the part of the personality of this sign. However, being firm can have the side effect of the stubbornness. Taurus likes the comfort, nourishing environment that enhances the mending and security. They find the piece and unison from the inner side in ritualisation.

    The earth is regarded from the element of Taurus. It also rules on the sixth and seventh houses. The individual belongs to these elements are practical, grounded and dependable.

    Taurus Horoscope for October 12222

    However, they are brave kind of people and are always on the way of the truth. They love to pervert either it is good food or the good wine. If you wanted to know your best matches then Taurus matches are discussed below:. This is quite expected that the relation between them may be without touching. The Virgo ashamed to show their weakness towards the Taurus.